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5 Tips For Staying Positive

Staying Positive
Written by Jamal Aldein

5 Tips For Staying Positive

With all the problems surrounding many people today, being fired from a job, death of a loved one, being dumped by the love of your life and suffering from strange illnesses, it is hard to stay positive. However, one should know that staying positive is a choice and one has to learn it in order to be positive. Realize that there will always be struggles in life and that there is more beyond the pain. Below are some of those tips to help one stay positive:
1. Surround yourself with positive influences

Look at those people in your life and gauge them, and make an informed decision to leave behind those people who bring you down and crush your morale. Find those people who believe and trust in you and stick to them as this will always encourage you to be positive in life.

2. Set goals

Divide your goals into small portions, so that you don’t feel burdened as you build up towards your ultimate goals. This will help you focus on your life’s dreams and want to drive towards them. Share with close ones on your intended goals, and you are sure to be encouraged by them to move forward.

3. Smile and laugh through the rain

Smiling is a sure way of helping you stay positive even if you don’t feel like it, this not only encourages you to stay positive but others as well. As you smile at them you make them happy and you will have the satisfaction of making someone smile, in the end it helps you be positive.

4. Share our achievements and sorrows

Do not suppress your feelings inside and say they will pass as, the only sure result you get is being more negative. Call up a friend and share all the struggles you are facing. Perhaps you might just realize that they too did face similar circumstances. Do not forget to also share your achievements, no matter how small, as this will help you appreciate that you are not a failure and will motivate you more to stay positive. However, if you find it hard to share with friends then join a support group.

5. Focus both the positive and negative in your life

Force yourself to think on the positive to make you positive as it does work. However, you should realize that thinking about the positive only doesn’t change anything; one has to also think and focus on the negative in your life. This aids in getting rid of the all the negative in your life instead of pretending they do not exist. Recognizing the negatives is the first step to getting rid of the negative feelings, admit that they influence your life on the wrong, look for alternatives that can replace the negative and finally attack with all the energy you have.

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