Cryp Trade Capital Review Legit or big Scam

cryp trade capital
Written by Jamal Aldein

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Welcome to my Cryp Trade Capital review!

There actually has been some buzz about this company so I decided to do some research on it to find out what it was all about…

Chances are you were approached about the income opportunity in this company and now you landed on my blog to find out if it’s actually even legit.

  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Processors: Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: $50
  • Minimum Withdrawal: –
  • Category: Mid-Risk
  • Referral Commission: 8 Levels Deep (7%-5%-3%-2%-1.5%-1%-0.5%-0.5%)
  • Our RCB Offer: 50% on your first investment
  • Our Trust Score: 7/10

5 reasons why we are promoting Cryp Trade: Cryp Trade Capital Review

  • They are offering slow earnings, low daily returns, which makes the system more sustainable and long term.
  • The owners are not hiding their identities unlike many other HYIPs.
  • They are holding live events.
  • They are revealing their trading videos as proof.
  • They have real offices in Alicante/Spain.

An introduction to the Cryp Trade:

Cryp Trade Capital is a company that is officially registered in Alicante, Spain.

It is lead forward by a professional team of successful investors and managers who have many years of experience in investing and trading. Vitaly Ipatov is the owner of Cryp Trade.

The analysts, technical engineers and traders of the Cryp Trade company have created a unique platform which makes trading Crypocurrencies way more easy, comfortable and profitable!

And you are offered an opportunity of supporting this company financially now – and start benefiting from your investment as soon as you make it!

Cryp Trade has carefully built three long-term Investment Portfolios that have different profitabilities and risks: from the low-profitable profiles to the ones with higher returns and risks. Therefore, you are free to invest in whatever Portfolio you want – and enjoy the decision you’ve made!

Or you could even diversify your investment in Cryp Trade, making deposits in 2 or more Investment Portfolios at the same time!

How to make money online with Cryp Trade:

After you’ve registered at Cryp Trade, all you need to do to start receiving profits is to invest your money into one of the Investment Plans available in this program:

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Once deposited, your money is being transferred to the company’s traders, who multiply it via trading on different Crypocurrency markets. And your Cryp Trade account balance grows accordingly to the revenues the company earns!

The investment of any type lasts 1 year and brings you profits once a day! You are free to withdraw your earnings on the 15-th and/or the 30-th of each month. And take this into consideration that you cannot withdraw your inital investment. Your package gives your profit for 1 year long and you get your daily profits. Your package expires after 1 year.

As you can see in the picture below, we have invested $1000 to Cryp Trade both to enjoy daily passive income and to climb career ladder faster!

Cryp Trade Capital Review

Career at Cryp Trade:

Are you a leader with an exceptional talent for recruiting?

Then, Cryp Trade has got a very interesting offer for you to build an impressive Career with it! You will be generously rewarded for each milestone/status you achieve, growing your own investment account and telling others about the company!

Just take a look at the picture below – and it’ll become clear for you what kind of opportunity has been prepared for you at Cryp Trade!

According to your turnover, after each level, you will get awards from Cryp Trade apart from referral commissions. You do not need to find referrals to earn from Cryp Trade, you can enjoy daily passive income, but if you do, there are lots of advantages.

cryp trade capital

Cryp Trade Capital Review


Note: being qualified for receiving Affiliate Commissions requires an investment of a minimum of $50! If you are thinking of recruiting other into Cryp Trade, then, we advice you to make at least $1000 deposit.

You will take advantage of it a lot in future.

Don’t hesitate to watch these video presentations of Cryp Trade to make sure you fully understand how the program works:

You can check the details of the congress here:

cryp trade capital

Cryp Trade Capital Review


Cryp Trade might be a real opportunity.

With slow and low returns, live events, trading proofs etc, it is worth joining and promoting it. Take a step towards innovation with Cryp Trade now – and start receiving your profits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year!

We are offering to pay back 50% of the referral commission that we will get from you on your first investment. So, you will greatly take advantage of being in our team.

Click the link below to register and take advantage:


Note: Make sure your agent is “ALKHAMERI Gamal” while registering to Cryp Trade.


To make the investment, there are certain steps to be completed. Please follow this step by step guide to successfully make your investment:

  1. First, go to profile settings and from payment settings, register your payment details and save.
  2. Go to Billing.
  3. Click on Replenish.
  4. Enter amount, choose payment system, click on Replenish.
  5. Confirm your order and on the next page, make your payment. Make sure, you are sending the money from the same payment details that you registered at your payment settings.
  6. You may need to confirm your transaction if required on Bitcoin deposits. If they want transaction ID from you, you should copy the TX Hash of your transaction, go to blockchain.com and find your TX Hash like this:
    finding tx hash
  7. It takes some time for your deposit to be approved. If you encounter any problem, you can write to their live chat. They will help you about your issue.
  8. So far, this was only the depositing part. When your deposit is approved, you should invest that money.
  9. Go to investments.
  10. Choose your package according to your deposit.
  11. Click on Buy and on the next page enter the amount choose your wallet.
  12. Click on Create Standart/Mega/VIP.
  13. Done.

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