Gatosk review – Legit or scam? ( Honest Review )

Written by Jamal Aldein

Welcome to my Gatosk Review ..

You come here of course looking for a good and honest review about Gatosk!

So what’s the heck is Gatosk ?

Well, here in this article I’m going to explain everything about Gatosk whether it’s legit or big scam!

As usual I’m going to give you my honest review about Gatosk and the choice is yours of course.

Gatosk Country : USA
PO Box 820 College Park, MD 20741
1 (877) 208-5639

Gatosk’s Support Center
Customer Service:
Returns and Refunds:

Dr. Raymond C. Merritt, Jr., Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Schultz, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Dae Park, Production Manager
Donald Tropp, Business Development Associate


What is Gatosk?

Gatosk review

Gatosk is a full-service, multilingual ecommerce site that sells print-on-demand (POD) apparel and other high-demand merchandise through a direct selling channel. Freelance graphic designers and distributors drawn to this online POD store contribute to graphic designs, drive web traffic and refer consumers. People enjoy Gatosk for its incredible products, user interface and monetary value along with its unique compensation plan, the 1.5x Grid. Our network marketing plan has a solid foundation and is designed for part time work-at-home income generation. We maintain a friendly, creative work environment at Gatosk that respects multilingualism, ideas and hard work.

Gatosk is extremely affordable.

Gatosk review

Gatosk review

  • A powerful online advertising platform.
  • Your ads on our high-traffic websites.
  • Advertise your business, organization, or cause.
  • Text ad, banner spaces, and much more.
  • Buy advertising credits
  • Subscribe to a service package (as little as $5/mo).

The Gatosk opportunity.

Gatosk offers exceedingly affordable customizable apparel items, advertising
spaces, and service packages. We reward distributors and graphic designers with an
excellent patent pending compensation plan and contest cash prizes. We reward
customers with store credits. We are a community-oriented profit organization.
Everybody loves Gatosk!

Why Gatosk?

  • Affordable everyday POD products
  • Affordable advertising spaces
  • No monthly payment required
  • No autoship, no product refills
  • No distributor start up costs
  • Free store credits
  • Affordable optional service packages starting at $5/mo.
  • Affordable distributor fee of $5/mo
  • Patent pending 1.5x Grid.

The first direct selling company…

…to drive print-on-demand (POD) apparel sales using our brand new
patent pending compensation plan called 1.5x Grid.

Gatosk review

  • 1.5x Grid , the new, narrower forced matrix.
  • 2x and 3x forced matrices have been widely used by network marketing companies.
  • The narrower matrix, the fewer members at the frontline.
  • Narrower matrices promote deeper cooperations among distributors and customers.
  • Instead of two positions on each frontline seen in 2x matrices, the 1.5x Grid has one
    whole position and one half position on each frontline.

Gatosk review

Gatosk is an unique, social network marketing company.

An autoship is where customers and distributors would have to pay monthly to receiveive products in the mail every month when they don’t need the products as often. Customers at Gatosk are never required to pay a monthly fee. Free customers get to enjoy Gatosk POD products. If they enjoy shopping or advertising, there are service
packages that they will love. Service packages will include advertising credits and store credits.

Customers can redeem the advertising credits and store credits any time when they want to advertise or shop apparel at Gatosk.
The store credits and advertising credits accumulate into the store credit balance (SCB) and advertising credit balance (ACB), respectively.
These redeemable credits have no expiration date.

Gatosk is against sweatshops—the workplace that has poor working conditions. The work may be difficult, hazardous, or be paid a wage that is not commensurate. Workers in sweatshops could be working long hours for low pay, regardless of U.S. or International laws; child labor laws could be violated. Workers could not be protected by a health insurance plan1.
Gatosk promotes labor rights and does business
primarily with ethical manufacturers.


Affordable service packages.

Gatosk reviewA package includes:

  • advertising credits
  • store credits
  • advertising tools

Customers shop advertising spaces, apparel, or other products. At checkout, they are prompted to do a quick registration. These customers are automatically placed into the compensatory 1.5x Grid. Distributors
and customers are positionally entwined in the same 1.5x Grid.

Service packages for the people.

Gatosk apparel products are…

brand, organic, or handmade…

Gatosk review

and 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back*
Shop from home with the comfort of knowing that your order is backed by a 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee. This 30-day guarantee gives you plenty of time to check
items for color, high-quality, and size for yourself, family, and friends**. If for any
reason you need to exchange an item, just contact our Customer Service.

*Shipping charges excluded.
**Service packages are guaranteed for 7 days or money back.

Built-in web software for uploading and designing graphic arts.

The Gatosk online POD store uses a powerful web software for web shoppers to customize their apparel. The user interface is intuitive— almost anyone can customize clothing using their computer mouse.

The best company to do business with.

  • Proven leadership and management
  • A strong social community
  • 2% of Gatosk’s proceeds goes to charities

Gatosk is yours. We strive to be the best company with the best service and the
best products that you can find.
Gatosk is a global company that is growing at a rapid rate. We currently have employees, contractors, and strategic partners in the United States, Canada, and other countries. We plan to expand our international partnership in 2015. We are busy translating our materials and websites to accommodate the various languages our distributors use. We currently provide business materials only in English and American Sign Language (ASL).

Gatosk University.

There will be online training courses collectively called the Gatosk University. Gatosk University is not only for distributors but also for graphicdesigners. Training on Internet marketing and on warm marketing is made
available for distributors. Training in creating graphic arts online will be available for novice and experienced graphic designers.

Marketing suite.

In the Gatosk back office, there is a marketing suite for all
your marketing needs to promote your Gatosk products.
The suite includes the following:

  • Your Gatosk store weblink
  • Your Gatosk opportunity referral link
  • Gatosk promotional banners
  • Gatosk promotional texts
  • Landing pages
  • Lead capture pages
  • Autoresponder system

So everything will be so easy for you, you don’t need to create anything to start doing marketing in your business with this amazing company.

Rank advancements, cash prizes, and the “Like.”

Gatosk distributors are ranked by their significance in sales and leadership. The rank advancements reward distributors with greater commission leverage. The ranking is measured by the volume of sales called personal volume (PV). There are five rank levels namely (1) Distributor; (2) Consultant; (3) Regional Consultant (RC); Senior
Consultant (SC); and Executive Consultant (EC).

Distributors and graphic designers participate in contests every month to potentially win cash prizes. These contests are designed to promote company growth and development.

Graphic artwork and other creative contents are promoted by the sociable “like” feature. Gatosk users socialize with each other through “like” and through the chat widget.

More About Gatosk>>>


2UP SplitTM. A Powerful Pass UP. 1.5x GridTM. A Narrower Forced Matrix. Get Activated.

Are You Interested in Earning…

How 2UP SplitTM works: Commissions on purchases of 2nd referrals of 2nd referrals are coded to you forever.

More Clarification

2UP SplitTM Delineated Here.
Are You Interested in Earning…
Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars Monthly? Look No Further!


Gatosk Has High Demand Products: Print-On-Demand (POD) Items, Up To 80% Off Travel/
Recreational Discounts, Advertising Spaces & Advertising Tools!

How the 2UP SplitTM Works
(a Pass Up Compensation System)

  • The commission from your first referral with a 2UP package subscription is split to you and your qualified sponsor.
  • The commission from your second referral with a 2UP package subscription is split to you and the original
    salesperson (either your sponsor or someone else above depending on who it is coded to) above you.
  • All commissions from your third referral and subsequent direct referrals with a 2UP package subscription go to
  • Your first, third and subsequent referrals are your coded cash lines.
  • These 1st and 3rd referrals must split the commissions from their second referral sales with you.
  • These coded referrals must split commissions from their second referral sales with you, and so on down the line.
  •  This is no limit to the depth of any coded cash lines.
  • There is no limit to the number of coded cash lines you may create.


1.5x GridTM. A Revolutionary Forced Matrix.
The 2UP SplitTM story does not end…
1.5x GridTM Creates Spillover and Commissions For You!


1.5x GridTM, Unlike Seen in 2x Forced Matrix

How the 1.5x GridTM Works
(a Forced Matrix Compensation System)

  • Our patent pending 1.5×15 forced matrix known as the 1.5x GridTM has only one and half referrals in the front line, and it pays 15 levels deep on the odd levels.
  • Free customers and paid distributors both are automatically positioned in both the 1.5x GridTM and 2UP SplitTM.
  • Paid distributors show both 1.5x GridTM and 2UP SplitTM genealogical trees in their back office. Both genealogical trees  grow as referrals come in. Only the 1.5x GridTM produces spillover while the 2UP SplitTM, like any other pass up compensation system, grows when you make sales, refer others and encourage your direct referrals to do the same.
  • The 1.5x GridTM is the narrowest matrix of all forced matrices in the network marketing industry.
  • A referral that is placed into a half spot is split into that half spot and the next available half spot.
  • A referral that occupies two half spots instead of one whole spot in the 1.5x GridTM has the same earning potential as one that occupies one whole spot. This referral with two half spots shows two genealogical 1.5x GridTM trees and one genealogical 2UP SplitTM tree.
  • A percentage of all Gatosk sales, including apparel sales, service package sales and advertising package sales, goes to the 1.5x GridTM and is distributed evenly into 15 levels.
  • For example, $15 (in USD) of a $105 Pro2UP Package subscription goes to the 1.5x GridTM and is distributed into fifteen one dollars. That is, $1 per level a month. This subscription made by someone will generate $1 in Grid commissions for that person and $1 for each of the fourteen people above that person.
  • About $2 of an apparel sale goes to the 1.5x GridTM as well. Say someone in the GridTM buys a custom T-shirt for $25; $2 from that purchase is distributed into fifteen 13 cent’s (¢’s). That is 13¢ per level. So the person who buys the T-shirt gets 13¢ and the 14 people above that person gets 13¢. The person who buys the T-shirt could also earn up to $11 in direct sales commissions and Apparel Sales Bonus (ASB). See the Gatosk Compensation Plan (GCP) document for details.
  • Distributors earn Grid Commissions through the odd levels in the 1.5x GridTM. The money generated from the even levels in the 1.5x GridTM is reserved for the 100% matching bonus.
  • You earn 100% of what your direct referrals earn from their 1.5x GridTM! There is no limit on the number of personal referrals. The depth of the Grid is practically unlimited when matching your direct referrals in there.


If you are a web shopper, traveler, advertiser, marketer or graphic designer or simply  Internet savvy, Gatosk is for you!

The 7 Ways

to earn with Gatosk as an independent distributor, graphic designer or surfer:

1. Direct Sales Commissions
‣ Product sales, including print-on-demand (POD) apparel sales and other tangible product sales through your
Gatosk store URL, are commissionable and result in personal volume (PV) points.
‣ Each product sale earns one 33% of the retail sale profit margin (RSPM). The RSPM of most apparel items is $6.
You earn about $2 per POD apparel item sold through your store URL.
2. Graphic Design Commissions
‣ Creative digital artwork uploaded to our store and displayed on garments is commissionable.
‣ You may upload your own artwork to our store and let us do the rest of making sales with your artwork on
products. This process is called monetization.
‣ By monetizing your artwork, you earn money passively.
‣ Each artwork sale earns one 33% of the RSPM. You earn about $2 per POD apparel item printed with your
artwork when it is bought at our store.
‣ You may earn both Direct Sales and Graphic Design Commissions when you sell apparel items with your artwork
through your own Gatosk store URL.
3. 2UP Commissions
‣ Earn up to $50 monthly per package subscription sale. When your team does the same, you earn up to $25
monthly per package subscription sale made by your team!
4. Grid Commissions
‣ Earn up to $1 monthly per member that spills over into your 1.5x Grid tree.
‣ Your 1.5x Grid tree can take up to nearly 50,000 members; therefore you may earn up to $50,000 or more a
month off Grid commissions alone.
5. 100% Matching Bonuses
‣ You match all of your direct referrals’ Grid commission earnings! That means, if your direct referral earns $1,000
in Grid commissions a month, you earn the same amount! If your direct referral earns $10,000 in Grid
commissions a month, you earn the same amount!
6. Paid-To-Click Earnings
‣ Our new Paid-To-Click feature, located in Gatosk’s Advertising Campaign Center (ACC), will enable one to earn
two to four cents per website he/she visits, per Facebook fan page he/she likes, per YouTube video he/she likes,
per YouTube video he/she views, per YouTube channel he/she subscribes to or per Gatosk product he/she likes.
‣ The launch date of our new PTC feature will be announced soon.
7. Rank Advancement Rewards
‣ There are five qualification levels (i.e. ranks) for a Gatosk independent distributor to advance through: (1)
Distributor rank; (2) Consultant rank; (3) Regional Consultant rank; (4) Senior Consultant rank; (5) Executive
Consultant rank.
‣ Each rank has a certain Personal Volume (PV) amount to meet and when achieved, the more cash rewards one
earns. See the Gatosk Compensation Plan (GCP), available online, for details.



In my own opinion Gatosk is not a scam it’s 100% Legit and anyone can start doing business with this amazing company..  If you are like me looking for legitimate opportunities, Gatosk is Good choice for you and you can start for free without spend a dime! You can just use the PTC and build your team. This opportunity is really so unique.

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EXCLUSIVE Benefits For Those Who Join With Us

Members who join Gatosk via the link below will be joining the TOP team in the company! We offer the following EXCLUSIVE benefits to members who join our team:

EXCLUSIVE Facebook Training Group for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
EXCLUSIVE Peronalized Sales Site for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
EXCLUSIVE Email Funnel for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
EXCLUSIVE Promotional Materials for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
EXCLUSIVE  Education and Training for YOU and YOUR TEAM!
EXCLUSIVE Webinar Presentations for YOU and YOUR TEAM!

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