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Written by Jamal Aldein

iCoinPro Review

Founder: Paul De Sousa
Type: Education, Technology, Training.


Cryptocurrencies are one of the most misunderstood and under-acknowledged products on the planet. Because a very small percentage of people understand how they work and what they do, so many are missing out on what is becoming a very powerful tool for the ones who are taking advantage.
Our goal at iCoinPRO is simple. We want to educate you on WHAT Crypto Currencies are, HOW they work, and how YOU can take advantage of them

In this article I’m going to walk you through why you should know iCoinPro before you decide to join the platform.

What is iCoinPro?

* icoinpro is NOT a trading bot (you’re thinking of betrobot which has been down for a couple of days just by the way)
* icoinpro is NOT a cryptocurrency.
* icoinpro is NOT a revshare.
* icoinpro is NOT a cult (but judging by the interest and excitement, it may as well be.)
* icoinpro is not a get rich quick scheme – shock and horror, some work is required.
* icoinpro is NOT a trading exchange (but we will show you how to use an exchange)
* icoinpro is NOT a dating site, no matter how much you are in love with bitcoin, I’m pretty sure there are laws that prohibit you from marrying your coins.
* icoinpro is NOT a bitcoin casino – no gambling here folks.

So what is icoinpro?

iCoinPRO is a cryptocurrency education and training platform, that teaches people, both experienced and totally new to cryptocurrencies, everything they need to know about how to get started with crypto, how to buy it, how to use it, how to safely store it, how to trade it, and of course, how to make money with it. A one stop shop to learn everything there is about this exciting new world of digital money.

Why education about cryptocurrencies is so important nowaday?

We are so fortunate to be living in a period of time that I can honestly only describe as living history.

We are living in a period where there is an awakening, we are undergoing massive change.

Take a look at countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Turkey, Romania, Egypt and many others where people have decided that enough was enough and have stood up against corrupt governments.

All this starts as a simple idea because people KNOW they deserve better.

Now people are wising up to the fact that banks and bankers aren’t really on your side.

The paper money you carry in your pocket, that used to be backed by gold, that was a promissory note entitling you to a bit of precious metal is now nothing more than worthless paper.

Banks are making a killing by taking your money and lending it to other people over and over again and the value of your money decreases over time.

People are slowly understanding that interest is nothing but a lie where money paid by borrowers is used to pay back interest to lenders while banks take a healthy share of something that isn’t even theirs, and that entire concept is nothing more than a classic case of the poor giving to the rich.

Clearly, money is broken.
And we’re being manipulated.

And then along comes bitcoin. Another idea that was sparked by the need for an evolution of the way we deal with money.

A couple of years back, if Bitcoin dropped $20 in a day, people would have lost their minds. Yesterday, Bitcoin plummeted $500 and bounced back.

It’s clearly an unstoppable machine – it’s unpredictable, its growing, it’s starting to invade our lives and it’s clearly alive.

The faster bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are adopted, the quicker people can finally be in proper control of their own money, on their own terms and anyone can be their own bank.

But how do we boost adoption without proper education?

This right here is why I created iCoinPro.
To educate and empower people to rapidly increase adoption.
It’s the ONLY thing that is a win win for the masses.

Stop taking crap, show the world and the banks that YOU are the boss.

Educate & Dominate. Don’t hesitate.

How to Become a Distributor at iCoinPro?

Simply by joining the platform and lock your position after you chose your plan you are here an distributer at iCoinPro Which Qualify you to earn income in 5 Ways which i’m going to explain these 5 ways in iCoinPro Comp plan.

iCoinProm Compensation Plan:

1)Powerline Bonusicoinpro

  • The instant you submitted your information on our website, we awarded you a top position in the fastest growing Powerline in the industry to give you a head start in building your business….and your income!In fact as people are placed below you in your team, you will get paid on a full five levels of members in your powerline, regardless of who enrolled them. That means as soon as someone in your powerline becomes a member, you earn a commission.
  • Powerline Bonuses are paid every month with monthly commissions. That means as long as you remain active, you will get paid.

2)Fast Start Bonuses

On top of the exciting icoinproPowerline commissions, each time you personally introduce a new member to iCoinPro, you will earn between $10 and $25 bonus the very next week, depending on your rank! There is no
limit as to how many people you can refer and with the power of the iCoinPro business building system, many of our members are
introducing as many as 10 or more new members each and every month!




3)Coded Infinity Fast Start Overridesicoinpro

Once you achieve the rank of Star Elite, you will earn INFINITE LEVELS of Fast Start Overrides on the initial order of EVERYONE in your enroller tree, down 3 Generations of Star Elite Leaders.

* Example, if your enroller team grew by 1,500 people this month, you would earn between $1,500 and $3,000 in ADDITIONAL commissions just for being qualified as a Star Elite leader.

Coded Infinity Fast Start Overrides are paid out each week with Fast Start Bonuses on the initial order of new members in your enroller tree.

4)Residual Income – 2×14 Matrix

This powerful compensation program makes it very easy to earn income and earn income every month. With the sense of urgency that is created by our Powerline system, our fast-filling 2x matrix ensures maximum spillover to help you build your check fast! Once you lock in your position in the Powerline, you are placed in the highest available position in the matrix following your enroller. This qualifies you to earn income 10 levels deep to start, and up to 14 levels as you achieve higher levels of rank….and because the members under you in the matrix are paying their membership fees on a monthly basis, these commissions are paid out residually every month….regardless of who signed them up and even if they were all placed below you from spillover!


5)Matching Bonuses

The iCoinPRO compensation program was designed for two reasons; 1. to allow people to earn monthly income easier and faster in TWO of the BIGGEST Industries on the internet, and 2. to make it very exciting for people to share the opportunity with others. With that in mind, our matching bonuses are a big part of what makes this the most powerful compensation plan in the industry.

On top of the huge commissions you can earn in your matrix, you also have the ability to match a percentage of ALL of the commissions that everyone who you personally introduce to the program earns every month!

Example: You enroll 5 people who each earn $1,000 per month in the matrix. Those people collectively enroll 25 members who each earn $500 per month in their matrix. And those 40 people collectively enroll 100 members who each earn just $100 per month in their matrix. As a 3 Star ranked leader, you would match 40% on the first level member checks (5 x $1000 x 40% = $2,000), 10% on the 2nd (25 x $500 x 10% = $1,250), and 10% on the 3rd (100 x $100 x 10% = $1,000), putting an extra $4,250 per month in your pocket…and that doesn’t include your 4th generation 5% matches, what you earned in YOUR matrix, or ANY of the other commissions in the pay plan. And all you did was introduce 5!


Rank Qualifications:

1 Star

Must have 3 Personally Enrolled active Members each of whom have paid their membership for the current month.

2 Star

Must have a total of 20 active Members in your enroller tree with no more than 40% of that volume counting from any one individual leg.

Star Elite

Must have a total of 500 active Members in your enroller tree with no more than 40% of that volume counting from any one individual leg.

Star Presidential

Must have a total of 5,000 active Representatives in your enroller tree with no more than 40% of that volume counting from any one individual leg.

* Your enroller tree is separate from your matrix. Each personally enrolled Representative in your organization counts as a new enroller tree leg regardless of where they fall in your matrix. There is no limit as to how many people you can enroll or how many enroller tree legs you may have.

* The 40% volume requirement means that no more than 40% of the required volume for each rank can count from any individual leg. So to achieve 3 Star for example, even if you have one leg with 10,000 members in it, only 40 of them (40% of the 100 requirement) will count toward 3 Star. That means you will need a total of 60 people in legs outside of that one to achieve 3 Star. Ranks can be achieved with any combination of volume in any number of legs, with no more than 40% of the total required volume counting from any individual leg.

IMPORTANT: Ranks are calculated ONCE PER MONTH on the 1st of each month for the previous month’s volume. You will be paid Monthly commissions, including Matrix Commissions and Matching Bonuses based on that month’s rank and that month’s volume. And you will be paid Fast Start Commissions for the CURRENT month based on LAST MONTH’s volume.

For example, if you achieve Star Elite Rank based on June volume, you will be paid MONTHLY commissions for June (which are paid the first week of July) as a Star Elite. And you will be paid Fast Start Commissions throughout July as a Star Elite. You will be paid Fast Start Commissions throughout June as the rank you achieved in May.



iCoinPro is a training and education platform based on cryptocurrencies  and there is nothing to be like a scam or blah blah blah, it’s not an investment platform, it’s not get quick rich scheme etc.. I personally know the founder Paul De Sousa whcih Known for his dedicated leadership and training abilities to help others in the network marketing industry, along with his vast knowledge, understanding, and experience utilizing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in various capacities, nobody has more passion and enthusiasm for iCoinPro than our CEO, Paul De Sousa.

What’s most exciting about having Paul on board is his love of helping others. When you combine that energy with the most powerful Cryptocurrency training program available anywhere, along with a network marketing opportunity unmatched in the industry, it’s no surprise iCoinPro is one of the most exciting companies in the world!

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