What is Wealthy Affiliate? – My Honest Review

Written by Jamal Aldein

An Online Income Is Easier Than You Think

Wealthy Affiliate is the key if you really want to learn something that no one is teaching it in the entire internet.

If you are tired because of you haven’t make a penny online yet, or because of you haven’t made that much to cover your needs, Wealthy Affiliate will walk you through all the process, actually with wealthy affiliate university you will start see changes, you will start learn new things that you haven’t known any before, Why I’m telling you this, because I’m part in wealthy affiliate, and since I started with wealthy affiliate everything have changed from up ground.

I want to help you!

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What is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online community membership site founded in 2005 by two kyle-and-carsononline marketers Carson and Kyle and it became the number one community for creating and growing a successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a training website. The platform has a huge online community who interact with one another and offer guidance and support.

Who will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate University?

Although I highly recommend this program for beginners, WA provides training for people with different skill levels, from newbie’s up to skilled marketers. Wealthy Affiliate makes the program accessible for everyone, including those who cannot afford to pay high prices for training or have a limited budget.

Here is some of the audience that benefits from WA:

  • Internet Marketers
  • Local businesses and companies
  • Online merchants
  • Local marketers
  • People that wants to build their own website(s)
  • People that want to sell their products online
  • Retired people, looking for an additional income
  • Individuals looking a trusted hosting platform
  • Students
  • People who want to turn their hobby into an additional income
  • Bloggers and website owners that want to improve their web sites.

The list is ongoing, but I am sure that you already see the benefits.

I truly believe WA is great program, but no course covers all the bases. which works hand in hand with the Wealthy Affiliate free trial, I share extra tips and resources you need to build a profitable business online.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

In order to answer, I think you have to outline what it is you’re looking for in a course. For me, there are three things:

  1. High-quality training/course material
  2. Detailed examples outlining every step of the process, and
  3. Active support in case you get stuck.

I think in each of these areas this program really stands out from the crowd. Let’s take a closer look.


High Quality Training

We’ve all read ample articles stating that they key to online success is to build a website in some niche and make money off the traffic. But, what, exactly does that mean? How do you choose a niche? And since when do eyeballs magically mean traffic?

The training courses take a comprehensive look at what you need to know when you’re just starting out. Each course consists of a series of video lessons accompanied by articles and further reading. Each lesson also contains specific, actionable tasks you need to do to implement the lesson’s topic effectively. That makes the courses extremely easy to follow on with, while working on a real project.

In addition to the course lessons, there are a ton of tutorials and extra information provided, covering a complete range of affiliate topics you should know about. These tutorials, many of them based off of other users’ success, are accessed through a dropdown search bar at the top of the primary navigation. The list includes both “official” WA material, as well as user-generated material. One of the main selling points in my mind is the way the videos are presented. In each video Kyle (one of the company founders) walks you through exactly how to implement and apply the lesson content for your site.

There are multiple project examples that surface throughout the course, and with each you can easily get a sense for how to adapt the details for your niche and apply them on your site.

This screenshot shows one example of the layout the classes use throughout the WA platform. There’s a center text, usually including a video walk-through, as well as navigation to related trainings, blogs, discussions, and questions.

There is also easy access to the primary tools you’ll need to complete the specific tasks for each lesson.

Active Community

Ok, so far we have 2 out of 3, but the last is what puts this program way ahead of the curve: the community.

You’ll learn about

  • finding a niche market
  • how to perform effective keyword research
  • how to create a blog
  • what to put on your blog
  • where to get free pictures from for your blog …

and they even give you two free blogs to get started – whhaaat.

Plus a whole lot more … you’ll understand once you get inside.

You can actually sign up for a free account here and see what WA has to offer.

In fact that’s exactly what I would do, if I was serious about evaluating them for myself that way you’ll better understand the pros and cons as it applies to you.

If you join me here then you will get my personal assistance inside Wealthy Affiliate to help you make your first sale.

What are people saying about Wealthy Affiliate?

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What you should not expect from Wealthy Affiliate…


WA IS NOT AN MLM program and you do not need to build a massive down line to make money from the program. You are not required to sell WA itself. The platform teach you how to make money online.

Unless you are a skilled marketer, you will not get rich overnight. For WA is not a “get rich quick” scheme. The platform will help you to build a solid online business that will endure for a long time, along with active support that will be needed to subdue the “notion of doing it alone”

How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership – Free.
Premium Membership – $47 month or $359 yearly.
If you upgrade to the premium membership within 7 days your first month access will only be $19.00

Conclusion: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

This course is a great program regardless of whether you’re completely new to the world of affiliate and online marketing or have already launched a few sites. If you’re looking for ways to increase traffic and improve conversions, the breadth and depth of trainings are unparalleled.

To me, one of the most telling aspects of WA is that you’ll notice, nearly across the board, that in most Wealthy Affiliate reviews complaints are hard to come by. That’s a huge testament to how powerful the program is, and just how much it makes a difference in the lives of its members. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen a single post with legitimate Wealthy Affiliate complaints. How’s that for an indicator!

As an added bonus, the premium membership includes a suite of tools that make your life as an internet marketer much easier, from one-click WordPress setup and hosting, through a strong keyword research tool.

My Recommendation:

Start as free member and you will see what they are teaching inside which will make you fall in love with the community.

Get Started Today As a Free Member.

For Your Success 🙂

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